We Build for Ministry.


Temple Builders LLC is a New York based construction company focused exclusively on building places of worship.

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At Temple Builders LLC, our Design-Build team is focused on insuring that the church design and construction proceeds in a way that glorifies God and that the quality of the church building assembled will serve your church's ministry for years to come.


Our goal is to accomplish ministry as we build for ministry—to help your church reach beyond its doors and into the community. We believe that the church building phase should bring your church and community together in new ways. It is so very easy to lose sight of why there are Building Funds and Fundraisers and Banquets and socials.

Whatever we design, whatever we build - it is done to advance ministry.We encourage our vendors and subcontractors and tradesmen to catch your vision, to see your church as more than just "another project."  Your church, and your place in the local community is important. Your ministry is Christ empowered and headed for continued greatness.

At Temple Builders, LLC, your ministry and your vision is where we start. We are only armor-bearers that assists in bringing that vision into reality.

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