A Place of Assembly is a place where large groups of people are gathered for various activities.

If the gathering is indoors or on roofs with at least 75 people or 200 or more outdoors, the DOB will then require a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation. Any church in New York City, that has seating for more than 75 persons is considered a Place of Assembly.

Assembly spaces comes with it, safety issues and the NYC Building and Administrative Codes regulate them. Issues concerning occupant load limit, exits, exit components, seating and furniture arrangement plus fire alarms, sprinkler systems as well as accessibility for the handicapped should be addressed before a particular space can be used as a place of assembly. Before they can operate legally, places of assembly must have a Certificate of Operation posted along with the place’s capacity sign. These two should be highly visible and within the location of the space being utilized

Temple Builders, LLC specializes in the filing and approval of Places of Assembly. We also understand that in many instances, there are various violations that must be dealt with.

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