In the church design-build system, the architect and construction contractor work together as a team.

Church Design-Build, also known as “design-construct” or “single responsibility”, is a system of contracting in which one entity manages both the architecture, engineering and construction under one contract.

Temple Builders, LLC prefers the Church Design-Build Construction Process.

The traditional process to building can often leave you to make important decisions on your own. You are responsible for finding an architect to design your project and then finding a contractor to build it once it has been designed. It is then your job to ensure that they communicate and work together within your budget and vision. Many times you will not discover what your design is going to cost until much too late in the process. Church Design-Build is different – it’s a one-stop-shop for all your design and construction needs. Many times a budget is established at the beginning of design; and then you, the architect and the builder work together as a team to design towards your budget.

This ultimately saves the Church both time and money.

What distinguishes the church design-build process is the source of responsibility, combining both architect and builder into one entity. This allows the church builder to assign actual numbers to the drawings throughout the design process and provides the owner with a more accurate “picture” of realistic project costs. Design-Build is a very attractive option for the owner as it allows the team to value-engineer the project throughout the design phase.


The Benefits of Our Church Design Build Process

  • Single source of responsibility eliminates finger-pointingHigher quality end results due to streamlined communication
  • Proven to be most cost-effective way to build
  • Eliminates costly waste of time from duplicate communication between church design and construction
  • Reduced owner administrative burned due to elimination of need for mediation between architect and builder
  • More up-front knowledge of the actual cost of the project for the owner
  • Coordinated review by architect and builder throughout design process minimizes mistakes and subsequent costly change orders
  • Corrections are facilitated by the team maintaining a common level of knowledge and understanding throughout the entire project
  • Overall decreased cost

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