The importance of the church interior can not be overstated.

The lobby entrance must be warm and inviting. The Bathrooms must be up to date, sanitary and handicap compliant. The Women's Bathroom in particular must shine. If at all possible, we always design a Women's Lounge that then flows into the actual area where the stall are located. If this is executed correctly, the ladies then gain a sitting area, a full-length mirror and a baby changing station. The attention to this detail can do wonders for the morale of the membership.

The sanctuary must be cool during the summers and warm during the winter. The colors must be bright. The podium design must becon all to come for prayer. Gone are the days where we erected fences at the altar. The speakers should blend into the scenery. Speakers can easily be ordered in any color for only a small increase in pricing. The altar/podium area must have stage lighting that accentuates the service. The Carpet and chair colors must be coordinated. And there is also a general move away from the color red.

Temple Builders, LLC pays particular attention to each and every interior detail. It is critical that all aspects of design and construction be coordinated and fully designed prior to construction start.

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